Carbon Reduction Policy

Cocksedge Building Contractors Ltd is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and implement appropriate measures as an element of our overall carbon reduction strategy, helping us to achieve a reduction in potentially harmful carbon emissions to land, water and air. Our ultimate aim is for carbon neutrality by 2030. 

We are, therefore, committed to reducing our carbon emissions in all aspects of commercial decisions and operations. 

We will seek to achieve this by holding regular meetings to develop a carbon reduction plan, implement, maintain and measure progress by way annual measurement.

Our carbon reduction strategy is closely aligned with our UKAS certificated ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Policy Statement and management system and all relevant current environmental legislation. 

As our “green culture” becomes established and embedded we will seek to: 

  • Encourage our workers and suppliers to act responsibly, 
  • Reduce our use of energy in our operations and offices,
  • Seek to use only green energy wherever possible,
  • Consider the carbon emissions impacts in our purchasing, 
  • Endeavour to work with partnering organisations, such as suppliers, that share our ethos on “carbon footprint”,
  • Reduce the use of carbon emitting transport and its impacts by way of vehicle sharing, mileage reduction planning and operational planning,
  • Procure fuel-efficient, low emissions or electric vehicles.
  • Evaluate energy efficiency and water consumption throughout our operations,
  • Ensure that, where possible, materials are recycled/re-used or are segregated into specific waste bins to reduce the use of waste carriers and in accordance with the Waste Hierarchy 
  • Use local suppliers and labour, where possible,
  • Deliver “awareness training” to all our workers.

To Achieve This, We Will:

1.    Set up a Carbon Reduction Team (CRT)

Starting November 2022, the CRT will gather evidence and thereafter investigate how we can cut our carbon and harmful emissions on a spend and evidence basis. Our ambition is to make us carbon neutral by 2030.

2.    Work with our suppliers, customers, and other interested parties across the country

This includes working with our national and local suppliers and energy providers, our employees, and other interested parties to achieve carbon neutrality and assist, where practicable, all those interested parties to do the same.

Specifically, we will:

Undertake analysis of data to provide a clear, evidence and cost-based base-line for ourselves and key suppliers based on historic data and thereafter, going forward, the current picture, including clarity on data and any current gaps.

  1. Identify areas of current and potential influence and collaboration with partners to understand the extent to which we can reduce emissions identified by the analysis of their services to us.
  2. Conduct feasibility test options so that the focus is on actions that can deliver meaningful emissions reductions.
  3. Promote a specific consultation activity to engage interested parties and the wider community. Given that climate change is influenced by a global range of activity, it will be important to engage widely.

3.    Develop and Implement a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP)

  • Design and launch a CRP that builds on both evidence and cost-based data leading to feasibility options and engagement.
  • Develop sets of objectives incorporated into an Action Plan to implement our CRP.
  • Provide project management to initiate delivery of the CRP and Action Plan
  • Seek to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

4.    Thereafter,

  • During this subsequent reporting period, up to 2030, we will monitor our progress and carbon reductions and publicly report accordingly.

The Directors support this Policy Statement and will ensure that it is maintained and communicated.

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