Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Our success as a business depends not just upon an ongoing delivery of profitable projects, but also in our ability to honour our wider commitment to society as a whole. As a Company that provides facilities for the community that include housing, education, industrial, leisure and retail, it is our corporate responsibility to ensure our business is carried out in a manner that is safe, sustainable, respectful of the environment and socially responsible. We recognise that our operations have a considerable impact on people’s lives not only during the construction phase but also throughout the lifetime of the assets and infrastructure we create and manage.



We are committed to providing a working environment where all employees are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect regardless of gender, age, disability or ethnicity. We are dedicated to creating a learning culture whereby training opportunities are available to our people for greater achievement, thus supporting our staff in realising their own potential. We strive to utilise the full talents of our people and ensure that they act responsibly with integrity as they work with our supply chain to deliver the best possible service for our clients and the general public. The performance of our teams is the key to the quality of service that we are able to provide.


The achievement of our business lies in meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our ability to do this is governed by the expertise of our employees, the quality of the specialist contractors we work with and providing an innovative, value added solution for our clients. To deliver client satisfaction, we work in partnership to deliver the project on time, safely and with attention and diligence to the environment. We work with them to support and develop sustainable solutions.


All new construction or refurbishment projects will have an impact on the community, the end user and the environment. Cocksedge takes a proactive approach to ensure that our work causes the minimum of disruption to our neighbours and the community. We endeavour to make a positive contribution by becoming involved in community initiatives and / or schemes and enhancing community relations. We aim to reduce the impact our operations have on local communities and seek to make a positive contribution to the communities within which we work. This includes minimising disruption; fostering local involvement and enterprise through the use of local labour, equipment, materials and supply chain partners; engaging effectively with local communities by communicating and encouraging feedback about our operations; supporting educational initiatives; and encouraging staff to share knowledge and skills within the wider community. 


We acknowledge our responsibility to the natural environment and strive to minimise any negative impact from our operations. We accept that our business affects the environment in many ways, and we have a responsible and proactive attitude and are committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner by playing our part in reducing carbon emissions to help tackle climate change. This includes making the most efficient use of energy, reducing waste, recycling materials, using materials from sustainable sources, keeping pollution, noise and dust to a minimum and the use of environmentally friendly materials in the design of energy efficient facilities. 

We take all reasonable steps to manage our operations so as to minimise our environmental impact and promote good environmental practice. A demonstration of our continued commitment to the environment is our ongoing accreditation to ISO 14001:2015.

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Discover the next steps towards your successful building project.
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